2016 Honda CRF450R


For 2016 Honda’s development engineers have upped the pace again and the new CRF450R – out of the crate – is about as close as it’s possible to get to the feel of a Factory MX1 machine.

The second generation KYB PSF2s forks build are just as tuneable and even more refined. Within each leg a revised ‘upright’ cartridge structure with 32mm piston saves critical unsprung weight , while on the compression damping side a new design uses internally charged pressure to eliminate the sealing material. This has reduced friction by 10% , creating front suspension with enhanced response and feel. A confidence inspiring front end that will provide all the adjustability you need to push as hard as you can.

The CRF450R’s mass-centralised core and low centre of gravity allow you to flick-it whenever and wherever you want and provide razor-sharp turn-in and increased feel for available traction. The aluminum swingarm provides massive rigidity for less deflection in ruts and improved corner-exit traction.

Increased power and torque off the very bottom with a smoothed, linear delivery through the middle plus increased peak output and extra rpm at the top end are the net results of the engineers’ development time . A heavier flywheel adds to engine inertia in corners to keep you in the power through the loamiest berms. This gives the rider confidence to get on the gas early , pick up consistent drive on and through the turn with extra rpm up top to reduce gear changing.

Adding Honda’s Electronic Mode Selection Button to the mix has increased its usability further. Three engine map settings allow you to tune the engine to your liking or the track condition with the push of a button. Add a larger front brake rotor for improved power and feel and the National MX1 championship winning bike is improved and ready for action.

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